27 August 2012

Something had to be done...

Hi there!

If you're reading this shortly after it's been published, you're either friend or family of the logbee team, or you're one of our (future) partners, or... or you've been lucky to find us! 

We're currently working hard to fine-tune the first semi-public version of logbee that will be available shortly to our beta-testers. Wanna be one of them? Stay tuned, we will publish more info soon. Oh, and don't forget to follow us on facebook and on Twitter. This blog will inform about logbee's development, ideas, and big news. But for quick communication, Twitter will probably be the better source of info. 

And for a start, please let me tell you what's the idea behind logbee, how it started, and more...

Thanks for reading us, and we hope logbee will be useful to you!


Once upon a time...

Slightly over a year ago, my girlfriend and I were looking for a holiday rental either in south of France or Italy. As always, we were late. Very late. And finding something both decent and more or less affordable for the first two weeks of August when you're under time-pressure is not easy. Nor is the search much fun.