19 December 2012

The End Of The World has been postponed!

We're absolutely sorry to officially announce that this year's End Of The World (EOTW) that was scheduled for Dec. 21st, 2012 has been postponed.

For various reasons, we won't be able to publicly release logbee 1.0 as originally planned for this coming Friday. Since we thought the world definitely can't end before having seen logbee, we've contacted the organizers of the EOTW event to ask for some more time. And they agreed!

14 November 2012

Why should portals integrate with logbee

If you're running a portal, you know very well that your visitors aren't using only you as their source for holiday-rentals, real-estate objects, cars, events,... They probably aren't very loyal to you. They just pick the best from several sources.

And what do people do in order to keep track of their favorites? They often save bookmarks of your listings, send emails with links to their friends or partner (even to themselves!), cut-and-paste them into some text file or spreadsheet, etc. Keeping a clean overview of their favorites is a nightmare, and this quickly becomes a mess. Because of that, quite a bit of these favorites get lost in the process, people get frustrated and often miss some opportunities. And these missed opportunities might well be provided by you!

So what if we could help you helping your visitors managing their favorites? And even better: what if we could make your visitors come back to you and recommend you to their friends or partners? Not only would you provide a better experience to your visitors, but you'd also increase your visibility and your traffic. Not just random traffic, but valuable targeted traffic from serious potential customers. And giving these visitors a better experience on your portal will clearly increase your chance of closing a deal with them.

Think we can't do that?

04 November 2012

How to use the beta version

[EDIT: This page is now obsolete. Please see there to learn how to use Logbee: http://blog.logbee.com/p/how-to.html (with examples in english, german and french)]

So you've requested and got the beta key? Good! And thanks for testing this pre-release version of logbee!

For starters, here a few explanations and tips on how to start using logbee.

31 October 2012

Enough blahblah, let's get real!

It's been a while since my last post.

Time flies, especially when a project has been supposed to reach beta status a while ago, but got delayed because of the multiple kind of issues such a project encounters at that stage...

However, we've seen the light, and logbee is now available for beta-testing!

07 September 2012

Building the team

Continued from the previous article.

A quick research showed that in western countries roughly 10-14% of the households move to a new home every year. With for example more or less 40M households in Germany, 26M in the UK, 115M in the USA, 3.5M in Switzerland, etc, and given the fact that more and more people are using the internet to search for a new home, that gives quite a few potential users for this new service. Quite a few. And since our service would also cover holiday rentals, the potential is even much bigger.

It was time to get serious about it.

27 August 2012

Something had to be done...

Hi there!

If you're reading this shortly after it's been published, you're either friend or family of the logbee team, or you're one of our (future) partners, or... or you've been lucky to find us! 

We're currently working hard to fine-tune the first semi-public version of logbee that will be available shortly to our beta-testers. Wanna be one of them? Stay tuned, we will publish more info soon. Oh, and don't forget to follow us on facebook and on Twitter. This blog will inform about logbee's development, ideas, and big news. But for quick communication, Twitter will probably be the better source of info. 

And for a start, please let me tell you what's the idea behind logbee, how it started, and more...

Thanks for reading us, and we hope logbee will be useful to you!


Once upon a time...

Slightly over a year ago, my girlfriend and I were looking for a holiday rental either in south of France or Italy. As always, we were late. Very late. And finding something both decent and more or less affordable for the first two weeks of August when you're under time-pressure is not easy. Nor is the search much fun.