19 December 2014

Your favorites on Craigslist, Backpage & co

Craigslist and Backpage, the two biggest classifieds portals in the USA, are also probably the most successful websites with no design. At all. And don't ask for fancy functionality either. They're basic. Very basic.

Obviously, these two major flaws aren't flaws but could be seen as features. No bloaty javascript stuff, no endless css, no ajax magic, no tricky graphical fanciness, no nothing. Simple, straight, lightweight, quick.

And it works!

But what do you do if you want to keep track of your favorite ads? Backpage won't help you. Craigslist has a way of marking their ads as favorites, but it's based on cookies, which means you'll lose them if you switch computers or if you just use another browser.

As for sharing favorites with friends, this is what Craigslist's FAQ says:
Q. How do I share my favorites with friends?
A. Send them the web address (URL) for your favorites page. They can click the gray stars to add them to their own favorites page if they like.
Don't ask about Backpage. They've consequently and rightly stuck to the KISS principle.

And that's exactly where Logbee comes to the rescue!

14 December 2014

Some myths about classifieds portals

Kinan Hamwi from OpenClassifieds recently wrote an article about the "Top 5 Myths About Starting a Classifieds website".

Some very good points indeed.

I'd just like to add myth #6: Your visitors don't go to other classifieds portals.

01 December 2014

Logbee - The Wall

Logbee is invading the city!

See how Logbee works with some detailed examples.

And create your free account now on www.logbee.com

16 November 2014

Ready for Christmas? Get help from SantaBee!

I know, I know... It's not even December yet. But I guess many of you are already making lists for your Christmas presents.Who will get what? What to get for whom? etc...

Am I right or am I right?

Don't worry, SantaBee is here to help!

Share your Christmas logbooks with SantaBee, and he will make sure to give you his opinion by rating and commenting your items. And who knows?... Maybe SantaBee will even have a surprise for you!

28 October 2014

Logbee plugin for Osclass

Stop the press!

Our plugin for Osclass has been reviewed and accepted! 

For the uninitiated, here's what Osclass is:
"osclass is a php script that allows you to quickly create and manage your own free classifieds site. Using this script, you can provide free advertising for items for sale, real estate, jobs, cars... Hundreds of free classified advertising sites are using osclass."

The neat thing is that anyone can develop their own plugins (or themes) for Osclass, giving the system a great flexibility.

20 October 2014

New feature! Mark your favorites.

As we told you recently, we're in the process of bringing a few new features into Logbee.

One that had been suggested by several users is the ability to mark some items as 'favorites', independently of their ratings. Why would one want to do that?

Here a few examples:

13 October 2014

Slightly improved design

Based on user feedback, we're currently implementing a few changes improvements to Logbee. We'll soon present some new functions that will make your life even easier, but in the meantime, we've already activated a slight redesign of the log-entry panel:

01 October 2014

Logbee on the iPhone

We've recently shown on our Facebook page how Logbee can be used to keep track of your potential new sofas:

Now, imagine that you bump into your dream sofa while walking around your street. Don't miss it, take a photo and log it into the iPhone Logbee app! Logbee will also store your current location so that you can easily find that marvel again.

20 September 2014

Auf der Suche nach einer Taschenlampe!

So far we've had a french and an english attempts at explaining how to use Logbee when looking for a new car. For this german version, we're on another mission: decide on a new flashlight!

Der Sommer verabschiedet sich bald, der Herbst ist schon im Anmarsch, die Tage werden kürzer, die Abende werden früher dunkler... Ich brauche eine neue Taschenlampe!

Aber vor dem Einkauf will ich einige Modelle online vergleichen.

15 September 2014

My new Subie

Ok, for zose of you who haven't understanded all ze details of how Logbee can help you in your Quest For Ze Right Car in ze recent article in french, let's (try to) do it in english.

So... Let's pretend I'm now in Casa Grande, AZ (yes, USA). Why Casa Grande?... Well... I've spent quite some time there in the stone age, between '91 and '99, but that's another story. Memories, memories...

And what I badly need is a new used Subie aka Scooby aka Subaru. Why a Sub?... Just because why not.

10 September 2014

Vous cherchez une voiture? (tome 2.0)

This post is about the use of Logbee with french car portals, so I'll stick to french this time again.

Cela fait déjà un an presque jour pour jour que je vous ai parlé de l'utilisation de Logbee pour la recherche d'une voiture avec des exemples suisses.C'est donc le moment de souffler une bougie sur cet article et de voir comment les choses se passent du côté français.

Pas d'panique, je ne vais pas expliquer la Suisse aux Français. Pour ça, une délégation helvétique se rendra bientôt à Paris:

25 August 2014

Don't forget the Schnitzel!

You've probably noticed that Arnold 'Terminator' Schwarzenegger has decided to move back to his home-country Austr(al)ia with the help of realestate.com.au.

We're positive that Arnie already uses Logbee to quickly collect his findings and to easily share and discuss them with his buddies. After all, Logbee works pretty well with realestate.com.au out of the box... huh.. beehive.

23 June 2014

Vacation relaxation?

Someone has just published an amazing chart on LinkedIn.


Not the usual super-fancy business chart comparing sales volume to number of silly motivational sales quotes posted per day, nor the mega-smart chart that "Tells You if You’re Being Underpaid"... No, nothing of that crap.