Logbee for portals

If you're a classifieds portal and would like to know how Logbee can be useful to you, please read following articles:

Classifieds portals based on Osclass can easily install our free plugin. This automatically adds the Logbee meta-tags to the item page and shows the 'log it' button below the item's description. No config required.

Similar feature for portals based on 68 Classifieds: they can install our free module that will add the meta-tags (no config required) and make it easy to optionally display the 'log it' button.

And portals based on Open Classifieds have it even easier: the meta-tags and the 'log it' button can be activated directly from the admin panel.

Should you have any question, please contact us either via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Xing or directly per email to support@logbee.com.

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