20 August 2015

Logbee browser button for Chrome!

Running the Chrome browser?

Let us introduce our brand new extension:
the Logbee 'log it' button!

Providing the very same functionality as our original logmarklet, it's even easier to install, and will not only make your browser look better, but will let you log your favorite classified ads in record time.

14 August 2015

Looking for a property in Pakistan? A case study.

With over 190 million people, Pakistan is the sixth most populous country in the world. It therefore comes as no surprise that the pakistani online property industry is booming.

As an example, Zameen.com (#1 property portal in Pakistan) has managed to close a venture round with Frontier Digital Ventures and Catcha Group in May 2014.

But they're by far not the only players there! So we've decided to have a closer look and to see how the major pakistani property portals cope with Logbee. Or vice versa.

For our little research, we've logged properties from following portals: lamudi.pk, zameen.com, realproperty.pk, pakistanrealestate.net, 1eent.commeraghar.pk and bastee.pk. We certainly missed some portals (tell us!), but we had to start somewhere. And this already shows that Logbee can be of great help should you be interested in buying a property in Pakistan: we make keeping track of your favorites so much easier, regardless of the portal you've found them.

13 August 2015

Immobiliensuche - Fallstudie Schweiz

Vor einiger Zeit hatte ich schon über die Immobilien-Suche berichtet. Es hat sich aber einiges verändert und ein Update ist jetzt langsam fällig.

Fallstudie Schweiz.

Die gängien Immobilien-Portale der Schweiz* funktionnieren gut bis sehr gut mit Logbee. So kann man ohne Aufwand seine Lieblingsobjekte zentral speichern, bewerten, kommentieren und teilen.

06 August 2015

My list of dream holiday rentals

This is how I keep a list of my dream holiday rentals:

Whenever I come across a nice and special place, I log it into my Logbee account. Instead of growing a chaotic bookmark collection, Logbee allows me to keep a clean overview, and to share my findings with friends and family.

04 August 2015

Looking for a new home? Logbee is here to help.

If you're looking for a new home, you're most probably browsing through countless objects on several property portals that cover your region.

And what do you do with the interesting ads? Do you bookmark them in your browser? Do you email the links to yourself? Do you print the pages? Do you maybe use each portal's own "favorites list"?

In the case you're not moving alone but with friends, partner or family, how do you show them your findings? How do they show you theirs? How do you keep track of your common favorites?

Yeah... it probably turns into a big mess very quickly. (Check our article about "5 ways to manage and share your favorite classified ads")