14 December 2014

Some myths about classifieds portals

Kinan Hamwi from OpenClassifieds recently wrote an article about the "Top 5 Myths About Starting a Classifieds website".

Some very good points indeed.

I'd just like to add myth #6: Your visitors don't go to other classifieds portals.

Sure they do! And you know what their primary issue is? Yep, keeping track of their favorite ads on different portals is a nightmare. People end up with hardly manageable lists of bookmarks or have to cope with favorites lists on every single portal. Not very practical.

Which is exactly where Logbee excels: by storing their favorite ads into a Logbee account, small ads addicts easily keep the overview, and are able to rate, comment and even share their preferred ads. See some practical examples here.

So as a classifieds portal, making it even easier for your visitors to store your ads into the visitors' Logbee account with an optimal data quality will improve the user experience, thus putting your portal in a better position.

Don't wait! Be nice to your visitors, and add our Logbee button and/or our meta-tags to your ad pages!

More info here: http://blog.logbee.com/p/blog-page.html

And as always, just get in touch in case you need help or information: support@logbee.com

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