31 October 2012

Enough blahblah, let's get real!

It's been a while since my last post.

Time flies, especially when a project has been supposed to reach beta status a while ago, but got delayed because of the multiple kind of issues such a project encounters at that stage...

However, we've seen the light, and logbee is now available for beta-testing!

So enough blahblah: anyone interested can request the beta key on logbee.com, and take a sneak peek at our baby.

But be warned, and please bear in mind that logbee is in its early stage, so bugs might occur (actually, they will!), some texts might be missing (help pages and co), things might evolve during testing, etc. We're now doing our best to fix the glitches, and I hope you will see the improvements quickly.

By the way, logbee is currently available in its web-version. The companion smartphone-app is currently under development, with iOS being served first and Android following soon after.

Thanks in advance to our beta-testers! Your feedback is very appreciated, and you'll get a little reward when we'll officially launch logbee.

Don't hesitate to spread the word!

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