04 November 2012

How to use the beta version

[EDIT: This page is now obsolete. Please see there to learn how to use Logbee: http://blog.logbee.com/p/how-to.html (with examples in english, german and french)]

So you've requested and got the beta key? Good! And thanks for testing this pre-release version of logbee!

For starters, here a few explanations and tips on how to start using logbee.

First, what is logbee?

It's an online service allowing you to keep track of your favorites, to rate and to share them. The focus is on real-estate objects, holiday rentals, cars & bikes and events, but anything can be stored - or, as we say: logged.

For example, if  - like me - you've ever searched the web for a holiday rental for you family vacation, you know how hard it is to keep track of the interesting offerings and to maintain a list you can share with partner or family. The same applies to residential real estate, to cars, and also events ("what will we do next saturday night?")

logbee is here to help!

We'll show you a real world example below, but first let's see how to start using logbee.

Equipped with the beta key, you can access logbee by entering it on www.logbee.com:

You will then see our frontpage where you'll be able to register, or to log into your logbee account:

If it's your first time here, just sign up. It's quick, easy and not especially painful. You'll then get an email asking you to confirm your registration, but you will nonetheless be able to use your account immediately.

As the next step, we strongly recommend to install our 'log it' bookmarklet (we call ours a 'logmarklet') into your browser's favorites or bookmarks toolbar. For that, just drag the following red 'log it' button into your bookmark bar: log it

This will allow you to easily mark and store almost any webpage by just clicking on the logmarklet: link, title, description as well as some pictures will be automatically retrieved for you. As an additional feature, any text selected on the page will be imported as the description.

As a real-world example, here's a short video on how to log some holiday rentals into a logbee account (watch it in fullscreen mode to see the details):

Download video: MP4 format | Ogg format | WebM format

With time, we expect various websites and portals to integrate our dedicated 'log it' button directly on their pages. This will give you an even easier and more complete way of storing objects into logbee. As an early adopter, Renndays.com - a portal for car- and bike-trackdays - has already integrated it, and you can see (and test) it for example here.

Now, please bear in mind that logbee is in its early stage, so bugs might occur (actually, they will!), some texts might be missing (help pages and co), things might evolve during testing, etc. We're now doing our best to fix the glitches, and I hope you will see the improvements quickly.

Thanks again for testing logbee, we hope you'll like it! And please, please... give us your feedback!

Oh, a last word for today: the companion smartphone app is currently under development, and will be available for testing soon (iPhone first, Android will follow). Our beta-testers will be informed directly.

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