15 September 2014

My new Subie

Ok, for zose of you who haven't understanded all ze details of how Logbee can help you in your Quest For Ze Right Car in ze recent article in french, let's (try to) do it in english.

So... Let's pretend I'm now in Casa Grande, AZ (yes, USA). Why Casa Grande?... Well... I've spent quite some time there in the stone age, between '91 and '99, but that's another story. Memories, memories...

And what I badly need is a new used Subie aka Scooby aka Subaru. Why a Sub?... Just because why not.

Before hitting the web for my hunt, I create myself an account on logbee.com. It's totally free and although Logbee is based in Switzerland, we're not a bank. So your data is safe with us, no risk to see it land at the IRS.

The next step is to install our logmarklet [EDIT: as of Aug 20, 2015, we're also providing a browser button for Chrome], which will later allow me to easily store my favorite cars into my Logbee account. Just drag the 'log it' button below onto your browser's bookmark bar. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Et voilĂ ! We're now all set.

Let's see what cars we find...

Ok, here's a nice looking one on CarsDirect.com:

All I have to do is click on my previously installed 'log it' logmarklet, which opens a Logbee window. Since it's the first car I'm storing here, I have to create a new 'logbook'. In this case, ignore the big + sign on the left, do this in the middle column. Let's call this logbook 'My new Subie':

I'm then shown the ad itself as imported by Logbee:

As you can see, the title, the description and the pictures have been taken over from the original ad. Depending on the portals, some fields might be filled out already, like the address, the date of first registration, colour, mileage, price, etc. If not, add some data if you feel so or just leave it as it is. Oh! And tell the portal they should optimize their pages for Logbee...

Once stored, that's how the ad looks like in Logbee:

The pictures are rotating and can be clicked to see them bigger. The entry can be rated (thumb up, middle, down), a screenshot of the original ad and a link to it are available, etc. Comments can of course be added as well.

And once I've done that with several ads from different portals, here's how my Logbee account could look like:

Wherever I find interesting cars, they're all stored in one single place, making it easy to keep track of them all.

And if I'd like to ask my friends for their advices, I easily can invite them to join my logbook with this button:

My mechanic buddy will probably tell me to check the oil filters or some sort of gizmo I've no clue about, my girlfriend will rate each car according to its colour, my grand-ma will tell me they're all too expensive, etc. Not that I will care much, but at least I'll have their opinions in one place instead of having an email mess.

And now it's your turn! Instead of cars, feel free to (mis)use Logbee for anything else that comes to mind! We'll show more examples soon...

Should you have any issue, question, critics, whatever, just leave us a comment here on this blog, on Facebook (like us!), on Twitter (follow us!), on LinkedIn (follow us!) or via email at support@logbee.com.

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