17 July 2015

OpenClassifieds integrates the Logbee tags and button

As you may know, classifieds portals based on Osclass already can add our meta-tags and 'log it' button to their ads by just enabling our free Logbee plugin for Osclass. The same goes for portals based on 68 Classifieds.

And we're now pleased to announce that Open Classifieds, one of the leading and most popular classifieds scripts, has integrated our meta-tags and button as well!

This means that any classifieds portal based on Open Classifieds can optimize its ads for Logbee with just a few clicks, making its users' life even easier: when someone stores such an optimized ad into her Logbee account, all important data such as address, contact, photo, etc will be added automatically. For classifieds addicts, this for sure improves the experience with the portal! And that will give users a nice way to keep track of their favorite ads, to share them, etc.

For portal admins, here's how to activate this feature from your admin panel: just go to the 'Settings' menu entry, select the 'Advertisement' option, and scroll down to 'Advertisement Display Options'. The Logbee switch is there. Just switch it on, et voilĂ ! The meta-tags will then be automatically generated on the fly for every ad.

And if you also activate the 'Show sharing buttons' switch, the 'log it' button will be displayed alongside the usual sharing buttons:

This feature has been implemented directly by the Open Classifieds team (thanks Chema!), so you can be sure that it will have absolutely no impact on your site's performance.

If you're maintaining your own classifieds portal based on Open Classifieds, be good to your users and switch Logbee on!

Any questions? Shoot!
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