04 August 2015

Looking for a new home? Logbee is here to help.

If you're looking for a new home, you're most probably browsing through countless objects on several property portals that cover your region.

And what do you do with the interesting ads? Do you bookmark them in your browser? Do you email the links to yourself? Do you print the pages? Do you maybe use each portal's own "favorites list"?

In the case you're not moving alone but with friends, partner or family, how do you show them your findings? How do they show you theirs? How do you keep track of your common favorites?

Yeah... it probably turns into a big mess very quickly. (Check our article about "5 ways to manage and share your favorite classified ads")

According to several researches, roughly 10-14% of the households move to a new home every year in western countries. That's a lot. A lot of bookmarks, emails to self, printed ads, etc. A lot of headaches. And probably also a lot of lost or missed opportunities.

Wouldn't it be neat to be able to store your favorite properties into one single place, even from different portals? And to be able to rate them, to comment them and even to easily share them with friends or family? And to allow them to add their own favorites into the same list?

With Logbee, all of this becomes a breeze.

On the following example, I've quickly built a list of interesting objects from different property portals in Switzerland:

This frees me from the various portals' own favorite lists, and allows me to manage my favorites in one single place, thus keeping a good overview of my findings. And best of all, some classifieds websites (like homespeed.ch in this example) have optimized their listings for Logbee, which makes your life even easier by automatically filling out the address, area, price, etc. For portals that aren't optimized for Logbee yet, we're still able to retrieve the key information and photos.

To see how that works, please check these detailed examples. And in case of questions, just get in touch!

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