14 November 2012

Why should portals integrate with logbee

If you're running a portal, you know very well that your visitors aren't using only you as their source for holiday-rentals, real-estate objects, cars, events,... They probably aren't very loyal to you. They just pick the best from several sources.

And what do people do in order to keep track of their favorites? They often save bookmarks of your listings, send emails with links to their friends or partner (even to themselves!), cut-and-paste them into some text file or spreadsheet, etc. Keeping a clean overview of their favorites is a nightmare, and this quickly becomes a mess. Because of that, quite a bit of these favorites get lost in the process, people get frustrated and often miss some opportunities. And these missed opportunities might well be provided by you!

So what if we could help you helping your visitors managing their favorites? And even better: what if we could make your visitors come back to you and recommend you to their friends or partners? Not only would you provide a better experience to your visitors, but you'd also increase your visibility and your traffic. Not just random traffic, but valuable targeted traffic from serious potential customers. And giving these visitors a better experience on your portal will clearly increase your chance of closing a deal with them.

Think we can't do that?

Sure we can!

With logbee, people get an easy way of keeping track of their favorites on whatever portal thanks to our 'logmarklet'. But by integrating our 'log it-button', you could make this process even quicker and easier for your users by passing to logbee all the relevant information (link, data, pictures) that will be stored into the user's logbee account.

This in return would definitely encourage the users to stay on your site, find more potential objects and log them in their logbee account. Immediately, people sharing these logs would get aware of these objects and would look at them on your site, thus generating more valuable traffic, and maybe closing new deals.

The gory details

The implementation details can be found in this document. Should you need more information or help, please don't hesitate to contact us!


And here's an example that will log the following apartment:

type  = realty
title = Amazing apartment
url   = http://blog.logbee.com/2012/11/how-to-use-beta-version.html
desc  = Here is the description text for this amazing apartment
addr  = Toontown, USA
email = beta@logbee.com
phone = 800 123 456 789
price = 3000 jellybeans
rooms = 12 rooms
size  = 1230m^2

Click here to log this apartment into your logbee account:

The underlying URL is:


Let us know!

Should you decide to implement our log it-button, please let us know! We will of course add you to our list of 'logbee-enabled websites' that'll be published when we'll go live for real.

Looking forward to seeing many portals featuring our log it-button!

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