31 March 2013

We made it again! We're in the AppStore!

Exactly one week after the official launch of Logbee, the first version of our companion app for iOS has been declared "ready for sale" by Apple!

The app can be downloaded from the AppStore here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/logbee/id616095028

Although it's still much more convenient to log new entries on your 'real' computer, the app comes very handy when you'll want to check your logbooks from anywhere.

Here some typical use-cases:

If you're for example currently looking for a new home, you'll always have access to the list of the houses you're interested in. And if you're on your way to visit some of them, you'll be able to easily find them with the map service. Once there, adding your own photos, comments and rating to the corresponding log-entry will be a breeze. And by sharing this logbook with your family, everybody will get the news instantly!

Or let's say you're looking for a new car. You see a cool one at a dealership, but either you're in a rush and don't have time to talk to the dealer, or they're closed right now. Busted? Naaah... Use the Logbee app, create a new log-entry for this car, take some photos of it, and automatically have the exact location stored with it. Bingo! In no time, you have all information you need to keep track of this car, and to come back or to call the dealership later.

Of course, you can replace 'car' in this previous example by 'handbag', 'sofa', 'boyfriend', or anything!

The next release of the app will allow the user to upgrade from the current free plan to the premium one. For a small and one-time fee, that'll remove all ads not only in the app itself, but also on the web. That will also allow you to configure a range of automatic notifications when something changes in your Logbee account. We'll release this new version very soon.

Oh! And although Android users have to be a bit more patient, they'll be served soon as well!

And as always: should you encounter any issue with either the app or the web version of Logbee, don't hesitate to get in touch! We'll be glad to help. Really. ;-)

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