21 March 2013

We made it! We finally made it!

After having had to postpone the End of the World last December, we then managed to stick to our schedule, and made it right in time for the beginning of spring. Time to release the bee!

So today, on March 21, 2013 at 11:11, logbee.com went live for good!

Some have their A-Team, we're proud to have our Bee-Team!

A huge thank you for all their efforts to (from left to right):

Beat, Dominik, Nico, Nicola, Mike, Michael, Stefan, TomBee, SomeBee, Pesche and Stephan.
And let's not forget Alex, who had found an excuse not to bee here today.

You guys rock!

Now, let's push it and start conquering the world. After all, what's better than a bee to make a buzz?

Press releases: english, german, french
More pictures of the launch event on our Facebook page.

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