02 March 2013

Beta is over, it's pre-release time!

Yeah, it's February 30!

From now on, Logbee has left beta and is in pre-release mode.

Our early-stage beta testers will be happy to see that their feedback has not only been appreciated but also taken into account. They will also discover a much cleaner Logbee with a remodeled interface that gives a better overview of the logbooks and their log-entries.

See for yourselves:

Oh, is it a bit blurry? Wanna see more?

Then just request the beta key and get a sneak peek on your own!

As the first step, we strongly recommend to install our 'log it' bookmarklet (we call ours a 'logmarklet') into your browser's favorites or bookmarks toolbar. For that, just drag the following red 'log it' button into your bookmark bar:

This will allow you to easily mark and store almost any webpage by just clicking on the logmarklet: link, title, description as well as some pictures will be automatically retrieved for you. As an additional feature, any text selected on the page will be imported as the description.

A little warning though: this pre-release version still need some tweaking here and there, so please forgive us if everything isn't perfect yet. We're working on it...

And in case of any questions or difficulties, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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