23 June 2014

Vacation relaxation?

Someone has just published an amazing chart on LinkedIn.


Not the usual super-fancy business chart comparing sales volume to number of silly motivational sales quotes posted per day, nor the mega-smart chart that "Tells You if You’re Being Underpaid"... No, nothing of that crap.

This one is about a serious topic: "Vacation Relaxation". The LinkedIn post didn't mention the author (shame!), but a quick research led me to the original page. So here it is, in all its glory:

Author: Jorge Cham, phdcomics.com


But as great as this chart is, I think Jorge forgot something: the pre-vacational stress! So we've run a very scientific analysis that allowed us to complete the chart, and we're very proud that Logbee tremendously contributes to reduce the stress-level of holiday-makers and vacationists all over the world.

So don't let the pre-vacational stress ruin your nerves and your relationship. Using Logbee will make your quest for the perfect holiday home a breeze.

And as one of our users noticed, Logbee also works great with Airbnb and similar. Give it a try and let us know!

Don't know how to use Logbee? Just check out some detailed examples we've prepared.

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