25 August 2014

Don't forget the Schnitzel!

You've probably noticed that Arnold 'Terminator' Schwarzenegger has decided to move back to his home-country Austr(al)ia with the help of realestate.com.au.

We're positive that Arnie already uses Logbee to quickly collect his findings and to easily share and discuss them with his buddies. After all, Logbee works pretty well with realestate.com.au out of the box... huh.. beehive.

As an example, here's how Logbee stores a house from realestate.com.au. Probably not Arnie's choice, but our privacy policy doesn't allow us to disclose any user data, and we certainly won't take the risk to upset Mr. Schwarzenegger!...

As you can see, the property gets logged pretty neatly, with some room for improvement.

But as Arnie had told us a while ago already, it'd be no problemo for such portals to improve their data quality for Logbee users, thus making their own objects stand out more.

So if you're running a property portal and would like to make your users' life a bit easier, just knock on our door!

NB: Don't miss Arnie's adventures on Youtube!

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