30 January 2013

Portals, use our meta-tags and silently help your users

So you're a portal, and would like to allow your users to easily bookmark your pages with logbee while delivering some quality content. But for whatever reason, putting our 'log it' button on your pages isn't really your cup of tea.

As Arnold says:

There is a solution!

Instead of passing us your data via our button and its customized URL, you can embed the relevant data by using meta-tags in the head section of your pages. The tags look like this:

<meta property="logbee:PARAMETER" content="VALUE"/>

'PARAMETER' and 'VALUE' are the same as when passing the data via the URL. See this document for the full list of possible parameters.

When a visitor adds your page into his Logbee account with our logmarklet, logbee will first check the presence of these meta-tags. If they're available, Logbee will use them instead of parsing your page for these data.

This might be handy for example if your design rules don't allow you to display a button to an external site. Adding these meta-tags will make sure that your visitors will get optimal data quality when bookmarking your pages into their Logbee account, thus increasing the chance they will come back to you later.


Let's use the same example as previously explained. Instead of the button, you can just embed the following meta-tag into the relevant page:

Let us know!

Should you decide to do your visitors a favor by implementing these meta-tags on your pages, please let us know! We will of course add you to our list of 'Logbee-enabled websites' that'll be published when we'll go live for real.

Looking forward to seeing many portals featuring our meta-tags!

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