20 October 2014

New feature! Mark your favorites.

As we told you recently, we're in the process of bringing a few new features into Logbee.

One that had been suggested by several users is the ability to mark some items as 'favorites', independently of their ratings. Why would one want to do that?

Here a few examples:

- You're looking for a holiday home and already have shared and rated several nice places. Now, you're checking the availability of your top-rated ones and want to distinctively mark the ones that are available. Sure, you could delete or move the non-available items to another logbook, but being able to mark them quickly would be even easier and quicker. Besides, deleting or moving items would make them invisible for your friends of family you're sharing the logbook with. Marking the items therefore has to be 'for your eyes only'.

- You're looking for a new car and have collected several interesting ones in a logbook you're not sharing with anyone. Since you've basically only logged cars that you'd buy, rating them makes no sense. But you might want to mark the ones you've seen and test-driven already.

- etc... (yeah, I'm a bit lazy today...)

So here we go!

What we've done is both super-quick and super-easy to use. In short: it's super. See the screenshot below for the details:

1. Click the star to mark the item as favorite. Click again to unmark.
2. Favorites are indicated in the logbook with a star.
3. Click the star to show only the favorites in the current logbook. Click again to show all entries.

We hope you'll like it!

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