01 October 2014

Logbee on the iPhone

We've recently shown on our Facebook page how Logbee can be used to keep track of your potential new sofas:

Now, imagine that you bump into your dream sofa while walking around your street. Don't miss it, take a photo and log it into the iPhone Logbee app! Logbee will also store your current location so that you can easily find that marvel again.
Here's a step-by-step explanation:

My dream sofa waiting for me around the corner!

After having opened my 'Sofa' logbook in the Logbee iPhone app, I tap on the + button to add an item:

I enter a title then tap on the magnifying glass in the address field. This will automatically enter my current location:

I then tap the + button under 'Images' and choose 'Take photo':

Et voilĂ ! The photo of that sofa has been stored. I just have to save the item...

...and my new potential sofa is stored in my logbook:

Download the (free) Logbee companion app for iOS now! 

And if you'd like to have an Android app, please comment here!

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