09 August 2015

Logbeez are everywhere!

A liitle while ago, we tweeted this:
Why should you store your favorite #classified ads with Logbee? Because we have cool outfits!

Obviously, people liked it, and - besides the retweets and favorites - that generated quite some traffic.

But Joani, the foodie turned blogger from Sockmonkey's Kitchen, went further and tweeted this:
I love these bee-utiful outfits! I want one too!

How could have we said no? So we obliged, but of course asked for photos. 

And we didn't just get photos. We got amazing photos!

Thanks again to Joani for her support and enthusiasm!

Should you want to become one of our Logbeez, just tell us why via Twitter, Facebook or here. And be prepared to send photos!

BTW, if you're curious and want to see more of the outfits, check this.

#logbeez #iwannabeabee

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