14 August 2015

Looking for a property in Pakistan? A case study.

With over 190 million people, Pakistan is the sixth most populous country in the world. It therefore comes as no surprise that the pakistani online property industry is booming.

As an example, Zameen.com (#1 property portal in Pakistan) has managed to close a venture round with Frontier Digital Ventures and Catcha Group in May 2014.

But they're by far not the only players there! So we've decided to have a closer look and to see how the major pakistani property portals cope with Logbee. Or vice versa.

For our little research, we've logged properties from following portals: lamudi.pk, zameen.com, realproperty.pk, pakistanrealestate.net, 1eent.commeraghar.pk and bastee.pk. We certainly missed some portals (tell us!), but we had to start somewhere. And this already shows that Logbee can be of great help should you be interested in buying a property in Pakistan: we make keeping track of your favorites so much easier, regardless of the portal you've found them.

All in all, most of the tested sites did well with Logbee. As you can see on the screenshot below, we could effortlessly store property ads from all portals into Logbee:

However, while we could store the ads from Zameen pretty well, including property description and photos, others generated mixed results: some delivered only one photo, some had faulty configuration that prevented Logbee from reading the listings correctly, etc. All results were usable, but there's room for improvement.

And this is exactly why we'd recommend all portals to add our meta-tags to their listings! That will improve the data quality and make their users' life so much easier, thus increasing the chance to see these users come back and even recommend them to friends.

We'll now get in touch with these guys and see who will be the first major pakistani property portal to implement our tags!

And if you're wondering how Logbee can help you in your quest for a new home, read this!

1 comment:

  1. We're pleased to announce that HotZameen.com has optimized its listings for Logbee! Thanks guys, well done! It shows you care about your visitors.

    HotZameeen.com is one of the leading property portals in Pakistan, and it's a shame we hadn't included it in our initial case study.